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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hey guys ! For all of you who are in University, it is almost the end !
I would say, the beginning of the end though...
Finals. That will definitely hurt. A lot.
However, the Christmas break will be one of the most enjoyable time of my life. Back home, such a great feeling, isn't it?
I wish you guys good luck and I will se you later !

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today, the first snow flakes appeared in our Montrealesque sky.

Waiting for serious stuff to come now !

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Mustache. I think we all know what this is about. We need to struggle together against prostate cancer.
Let your mustaches grow!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hola la gente !
I've been studying so much for the last days ! However, now I feel something much more chill is taking over:
Vamos a hacer la fiesta el 31 de Octubre para celebrar HALLOWEEN !
To all McGill Students and Montreal students: Do not miss this event.

If you still have not bought your tickets, try to get yours rapidly or they'll be sold out !
It ain't gonna be great, it's gonna be Montrealesquly awesome.
Try to get your costumes and your Halloween stuff !
Do you have any original idea for your costumes by the way?


Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today we need to get focused to what we do.
Yesterday I had to. Tomorrow, I'll have to.
All we need to effectively perform what we do is focusing.
MidTerms, Job interviews and many other moments of Life require this highly valuable skill.
People, have a rest, and "everything's gonna be alright" (Bob Marley).
I am actually telling you this because we are all in the same situation and we must not remain alone.
Stay focused and together, work, study and live together.
See you.
Any medium to focus? Any tips ?

Friday, October 14, 2011


Still studying for Midterms...
But people who are wondering what to do Tonight, should love to see this, so check this out!!
This is an amazing place to party with friends and girls !!!
See you later guys.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

iOS 5.

Now, people, we can work, chat, study, chill, play in the Clouds with iCloud.
That's it, and that's enough.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Useful stuff.

It's been more than a month that we're all here in Montréal in University. I discovered many places during various "walkings" in Montreal and I also found a useful link on website which is I think pretty interesting for all of us.


With this, you'll be able to find snacks, restaurants and shops even on Sundays, after 5p.m. !

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Apple. iPhone. iMac. iCloud. And Steve Jobs.
The 5th of October 2011. This is not a Post to have additional views on my Blog but a real funeral oration to the Twenty-first visionary that Steve Jobs was.
"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being", Apple.
1955-2011, the era of Communication expands, new IT Technologies develop and Steve Jobs creates, innovates and develops Apple. Until now. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Wow, it starts to be so cold outside, isn't it? I thought winter times were during winter but in Canada it seems Winter encompasses Autumn and also Spring as I've heard... Who hasn't bought his or her fat and sweet coat yet? I haven't...

I've heard that Canada Goose coats are "less expensive", well I mean, more affordable but still not cheap in Expert Sports on Saint-Cahterine if anyone is interested in buying one..
Also, if any of you has a tip on what to buy or when to buy it, feel free to add a comment !!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


For all French people following the national championship, here is a useful website for you !! 


I hope you'll enjoy this wonderful moment here in Montreal! The match starts at 3:00pm today in Montreal, if you're in McConnell Hall or any Residence in McGill, the match will be transmitted in the common rooms or TV rooms ! Enjoy French and International people, this match is gonna be epic! 
Who do you think is going to win? Lyon or PSG? Any pronostic?
T-Bag wishes you a pleasant match. 

Cancer Research.

"To highlight some of the critical work being done at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre, we gathered some of our top scientists, students, lab techs and dedicated volunteers, who turned on the music - and danced!"
If every University was involved as McGill is for Cancer Research, it would be a giant step for Research.
Make this video famous, and post it, follow, like it and blog it. 

It's cold.

Oh my God. It is so cold today. Yesterday it was already quite cold but today it feels like in winter but in France. I do not know how it's gonna work this winter in Montréal but I'm sure I will have hard times like everybody else! Haha My advice: Get ready to stay inside your rooms, in your sweet beds for the rest of the whole year because apparently the weather today is like summer times for Canadians. When I told a guy from Toronto that it was really cold, he laughed at me and responded: "Man, this is nothin ridiculously nothing compared to the coming winter". Ouch.
And please do remember guys especially, do not piss outside during winter, this is not good..
"Enjoy Autumn dude, until winter comes."
See you lat'

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beer Pong Community

Who does not know beer pong? That's what I thought... no one. Here in Canada, Quebec, Montreal, McGill and even McConnell Hall, we're all fans of Beer Pong. The thing is, there is no official organization in McGill. We looked for many times, in vain. So my friends and I decided to set up one. Yes we're French and not Americans but we do love Beer Pong and all the great stuffs that gather around it. Friends, party, music, fun, great fun and much more. 
If you wanna chill with some friends and have fun after studying for the whole week, you've got to get involved in our "Beer Pong Community" (B.P.C)

Imma let you know more about this very soon.
By the way, check this out: http://www.pointsincase.com/articles/history_of_beer_pong.htm


That was a McGill Football game in he 1900s !! Amazing.
I wish I were one of them at that time. This looks like it is a old fashioned picture taken from a film but it is actually one of the first photography of McGill. I hope the McGill Football Team in th 1900s was doing better than today by the way.... Haha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Desautels' magnificence.

Awesomeness. That is the only word I find to describe this video. As I am a new McGill student I can tell you that I am learning from scratch how to become a Pro-McGill. I know that mt blog seems to be very random as my posts do not follow a special logic. However, this is how I feel actually. Like many of you I think. Yes, we are currently all involved in specific stuffs, revision for midterms, assignments and even in students' associations... That is why I was watching this video: to see how we can enjoy McGill and learn together how to manage this new exciting life !
I'm going to see you later guys, I have class !
Enjoy my Blog nd don't forget, I want any feedback from you!

Munaca's strikes.

  • Since the beginning of Fall 2011, those strikes demonstrations were held in front of every single McGill entrance, on Sherbrooke, McTavish Street, University and Milton Gates. Every morning I walk down University Street from McConnell Hall to Desautels Faculty and see how these McGill employees are concerned about their main issue: Equity. In fact, they claim for "normal retirement rates" but McGill does not quite respond to their request... How do you fell when you encounter those strikes? As a foreigner, I can say that those people are really motivated to achieve their goals which is undoubtedly legitimate.  Do not forget that "McGill works because they do". Therefore, if those strikes are maintained by McGill's employees, there will be severe difficulties in McGill's administrative gears... 
  • Here is one of the most recent update of Munaca's strikes:

A message from Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)

"As reported in previous messages, we are continuing to meet with MUNACA/PSAC representatives with the assistance of a conciliator. As agreed by both parties following the conciliator’s suggestion, we are focusing for the time being on issues other than salary, pension and benefits. It is fair to say, however, that negotiations are going slowly at the moment and we have only made progress on a couple of minor issues in the most recent session.

I will say no more while this process is in place, as both parties have agreed to keep the specifics of the discussions at the negotiating table.

The conciliator, with the co-operation of the two parties, determines the timing and agenda of the meetings. Our next meeting is tomorrow. The process is currently scheduled to continue until the end of October.

Following last Friday’s report by an inspector from the Quebec Ministry of Labour on whether people performing the tasks of striking MUNACA workers are eligible to do so,McGill is before the Quebec Labour Board today to present its view that the inspector’s report contains errors of both fact and interpretation.

Meanwhile, allow me to expand upon my Monday update concerning the injunction McGill sought in connection with the MUNACA/PSAC picket line.

This injunction, which was granted late Friday afternoon and remains in effect through October 3, restricts the size of picket lines, curtails noise levels and calls for unimpeded access to our campuses.

The matter will be back before the Court on October 3 for a decision on whether it will be extended, amended or lifted.

In recent days, I have received several questions about this injunction. In some quarters, it is being portrayed as an attempt by the University to stifle free expression.

There is no place where the exchange of divergent views is more important than in the context of the University, but that is not the matter in question here. Let me reiterate why McGill took the step of applying to the Superior Court for the injunction.

As this strike proceeded, there had been increasingly more serious attempts to limit free access to and from our facilities. In some instances, this had the effect of impeding timely deliveries of perishable materials that were essential to the research activities many McGill professors and students. As well, the mass picketing tactics we saw last week on Durocher and University Streets effectively blocked the sidewalks and as a result forced some pedestrians onto the street or the bike path. In addition, a substantial number of students complained to the University that noise from the picket was hampering their ability to study and get their classwork done. These are just a few examples of the kind of actions that prompted the injunction application.

Please note that in granting our request for some clear rules about picketing that would respect our right to remain open and continue our operations, the judge has not prohibited MUNACA members from picketing nor from making their opinions known. Nor did the University seek that. Rather, the injunction places limits on how those actions are expressed.

At the same time, we have also received questions on whether students have a right to protest on campus. The Charter of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities makes clear that “every student enjoys within the University the freedoms of opinion, of expression and of peaceful assembly.” But the Code of Student Conduct goes on to describe certain limits to that right. In particular, it prohibits actions that knowingly obstruct University activities, which “include but are not limited to teaching study, administration, public service.” So, like all rights, the right to express one’s views, individually or collectively, comes with a concomitant responsibility. In this particular case, the right to peacefully protest should not impede the right of other students to study and learn, or work to be carried out.

Disputes create tension within our community. Nonetheless, we all depend on the mutual respect knowing that all employees of the University are valued colleagues, that we aim for a timely resolution of the strike and, that we act in a manner that will have us all come back together as a community once the strike is over.  There is a range of opinions within the McGill community regarding the MUNACA strike, as there is on a number of matters. It is important, however, that debate takes place in an environment of civility, honesty and respect".

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Let's get started with the serious stuff and please let me introduce you one of my main themes on my Blog: The Montréalesque NightLife ! Those places are the places to be if you guys want to have fun and enjoy your nights in Montreal. Feel free to add any chill bar or nightclub !

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bienvenue. Welcome. Bienvenido. And more.

It feels good to start this new Blog today. I'm Thibaud and I want to explore with you guys the life in Montréal, the one which makes Montréal so famous for. I am a U1 McGill student in the Desautels Faculty of Management and I want to share with you how I feel here, far from home, in this amazing city!  I don't even know what a real winter life is as I come from Cannes, in France or as I call it: La Côte d'Azur. So here is my point: I want to share with you, as a McGill student, this experience. How do you you feel when you cross the road under a -30 degrees night ? I want to know if it is true that when you piss in the street during Montréalesque winters, the stream just freezes ! This is the same for your tears. This is so amazing ! How can we live normally under such extreme conditions? How is the night life during winter? Because going to clubs with your big, fat coats is not so much convenient... Wow that's a lot of questions and I still got so many to ask ! 
So first of all, I would recommend to all students, all foreigners to learn by HEART this map of the Montreal Subway so that you do not freeze during winter ! 
See you later and feel free to add any useful tips to survive during Montrealesque winter ! 
Peace bro's